2014 - "Walk with me"

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The “Walk with me” collection took two years to complete. It consists of a collection of 50 small oil/acrylic paintings on canvas and includes landscapes, forests and seascapes.    

The images in these paintings have been gathered from places I have seen, stayed in, walked through or driven past over the last few years.  I have always worked from photographic images that I have taken myself, new technology makes it easier to be more spontaneous. Digital images are a quick way to capture scenes, views, moments, tricks of light that may only last for a few seconds.

I do not approach painting with the intention of reproducing a visual image. I usually see something that captures my imagination be it juxtaposed colours, deep intense shades, flickering lights, unusual shapes that may be incongruous with their setting. Natural or manmade, images that stir an emotional response, these things and more cause me to stop and take a picture.

When I decide to paint an image, I am trying to portray the initial response that I had when first becoming aware of the beauty, power, clarity, uniqueness of the subject

I hope that this collection will inspire you to look around at our world, the places we live, see the trees, breath the air, stand on a windy beach, run in a grassy paddock, appreciate what we have in this amazing country and take time to be present in the moment.


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